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Seamus Harris

China Edit : The online assistant for Chinese writers in English

China Edit provides specialized academic and technical editing services to Chinese writing in English. Set up by Seamus Harris, China Edit offers...

Specialized assistance for Chinese writers

China Edit has been editing English language documents by Chinese writers for over a decade. Seamus Harris speaks and reads Chinese and has lived in China for many years. Seamus Harris thus understands the special characteristics and needs of Chinese writers and is uniquely placed to help them express themselves in English.

'Chinglish' to English

China Edit does not merely correct grammar mistakes, but also rewrites to enhance clarity. The editing service standardizes unconventional usage, identifies logic problems, suggests word alternatives, and generally facilitates effective, concise communication.

Quality service

China Edit regularly edits documents on a diverse range of topics, including biology, economics, education, finance, geography, medicine, physics, sociology, urban planning, etc. Clients include government departments, research organizations and academics in China and elsewhere. Writers can be assured that their document will get the professional edit it deserves.

Writer education

Our editing service helps writers improve their English writing skills. Besides simply making corrections we include comments and guidance that can help writers produce better English documents in future.

Free editing consultation

We offer a free editing consultation service to all interested Chinese writers. We can review your document, analyze language problems, and show you how to solve these problems. Writers can take advantage of this free service by clicking here.